10 Tools to Create Engaging Instagram Stories for Business

Long live the 15-second story. According to AdEspresso, more than 400 million users view Instagram stories on a daily basis. This impressive number doesn’t apply only to individual accounts – the [...]

Using Social Media Networking to Enhance Your Brand

Enhancing your brand is a process that involves undeniable effort and planning on the part of the business owner.

The Importance of Creating the Right Conversation

Earlier this month, Florida State University held its annual career fair– Seminole Futures. Seminole Futures is open to all FSU students in search of full-time jobs or internships, or who are [...]

4 Reasons Why Our Addiction to Smartphones Can be Good for Business

When I look around in a waiting room, on a bus ride and even in my classes (sorry, professors, but you know it’s true) the overwhelming number of people using their smartphones is astounding. The [...]

Spread the Love, Tell your Story

When I was a little girl, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. My mom would wake up early to decorate the kitchen with red and white streamers and confetti, and make heart-shaped [...]

You CAN Handle the Truth: Using Social Media to Manage your Brand

This past Sunday night I flipped my television to HBO, excited for the premiere of the new season of Girls, and happened to catch the end of an episode of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey. [...]

7 Reasons Your Competitors Get More Website Traffic Than You Do

Are your competitors getting all the website traffic in your niche and preventing you from attracting the new customers your business needs? While increasing website traffic isn’t the only [...]

Expert Advice on the Importance of Business Relationships

If you ask someone about the term inbound marketing, you will hear a lot about creating great content, implementing calls to action to generate leads and then nurturing those leads and converting [...]

Always Make Time for Finding New Business

It is a lesson that business owners and managers learn quickly: There is simply more to do than time to do it. And if that isn't the case, then something is probably wrong. I can already hear [...]