Using Social Media Networking to Enhance Your Brand

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Enhancing your brand is a process that involves undeniable effort and planning on the part of the business owner. This is done not only internally by establishing your values and goals as a company but also externally by generating a consistent online presence. And not to sound like a millennial, but properly managing your social media is one of the cornerstones for successfully promoting your business.

There is one simple reason for this: Your audience’s perception of your message is everything. It affects how frequently they engage with your content, if they invest in your product and subsequently if they positively review it moving forward.

Overall, the members of your target audience are not only your biggest buyers, but also the biggest sellers of your product. The more they talk about your services, share pictures and interact with your brand online, the more familiar your company will become. This is why social media marketing and networking can help pave the way to your success.

Interact in the Social Media Network

An essential part of establishing your brand is interacting with other businesses that share the same interests as you. Oftentimes, business owners view companies similar to their own as competition, and they may be, but they can also be excellent partners in helping boost your brand credibility. By collaborating with brands you share values with, you can create a line of positive association between their company and your own. That way, individuals who interact with their brand will be compelled to interact with your brand, too.

Create Content that is Relatable and Shareable

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while working at Fiore Communications, it’s that the content you produce is important. Even though sharing content relevant to your company is valuable, you also want to create authentic content that is relatable and shareable.

We encourage all our clients to have a robust blog on their website. A blog allows you to share ideas about your business and explore topics you think your target audience can relate to. In addition, the use of digital media, polls and quotes can be beneficial.

When people share your posts on their stories or their own Instagram feeds, they are linked straight back to your page. Also, don’t be afraid to be silly from time to time. No matter how deadpan your field of work is, there’s always a way to put a fun spin on it. Keep your content light-hearted and positive, and your followers will no doubt respond.

Start a Social Campaign

Developing a social media campaign might seem complicated, but it’s as easy as coming up with a sale or engaging event and sharing information about it. Stick with a simple graphic and slogan, that is recognizable and easy to remember. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your content is consistent across all social media platforms you use to promote the campaign.

Another option is donating a portion of your profits to a charity or organization that you have a passion for; even a little bit goes a long way and customers appreciate a genuine effort to support a cause! This will give your customers the opportunity to learn or re-engage with your company’s values, which in turn will make you a more memorable business.

Learn about Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are the newest form of paid advertisement. Rather than spending marketing dollars just on print ads or billboards that only go so far, consider investing in an influencer that has almost unlimited access to the market that you’re targeting.

It is said that Kendall Jenner can take a company with virtually no brand equity and make it valuable with just one Instagram post. Now I know, we all can’t afford the $250,000 it would take to convince Kendall Jenner to promote our product, but there are hundreds of other social media influencers who are affordable and have a large media presence.

Find an individual who truly believes in your product or service and has a history of being engaged with the core beliefs and values that your company holds. Make sure their following is one that you find value in reaching.

Hire Brand Ambassadors

Another option similar to seeking help from a social media influencer is creating applications for a position called brand ambassador, which provides some of your VIP customers exclusive access to your products. They will then then create digital ads for you via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on their personal blogs. These individuals are often smaller-scale influencers, but having a handful of them strategically placed will help you increase the influence of your brand. And what’s even more valuable than you creating original content for your company, is your customers doing the same!

The blogging revolution is filled with young individuals who just want their opinions to be shared and heard. They write about virtually everything, whether it’s a restaurant review or their top five beauty products for the month. Business owners, can satisfy their needs for online purpose, and in return you get effective content about your product or service.

There are dozens of ways to enhance your brand , and with our average use of technology and social media only increasing—studies have shown that individuals spend 6-10 hours on social media every week—you have the chance to increase their engagement with your business. Use the opportunity wisely!

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