Good Articles Always Start with Good Questions

A client emailed me last week to ask how I decide the right questions to ask when interviewing a subject for a profile piece. She was concerned about focusing too much on his accomplishments at [...]

Thinking of Outsourcing? How to Choose the Right Provider

When a client presents a task that challenges your ability to deliver, you can politely decline and refer them to a competitor, hurriedly add a staff member or seek help from a trusted [...]

Always Make Time for Finding New Business

It is a lesson that business owners and managers learn quickly: There is simply more to do than time to do it. And if that isn't the case, then something is probably wrong. I can already hear [...]

Existing Customers are Key to Increased Sales

Strengthening relationships with current customers is the easiest and most effective way to increase your sales. The old adage that it is five times more expensive to gain a new client than [...]