Eyewear Company Uses Instagram for Audience Building

When your business has first launched or is trying to attract a new type of customer, an important first step is to identify the most effective ways to reach your target audience s. If you have [...]


You CAN Handle the Truth: Using Social Media to Manage your Brand

This past Sunday night I flipped my television to HBO, excited for the premiere of the new season of Girls, and happened to catch the end of an episode of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey. [...]


Great Content is More than a Catchy Headline

If you came across an article titled “How to Start Saving for Retirement,” what would you expect to read about? If you’re like me, you’d expect actual methods and tips for saving money, maybe [...]


Sephora and the Beauty of Successful Email Marketing

Every few days, I take a moment to scroll through my email inbox. And every few days, it’s always the same thing: a flood of advertisements from companies that I wish I hadn’t given my email to. [...]


More Business is Just Icing on the Cake (Pop)

At some point during my junior year at Florida State I became obsessed with making cake pops, a dessert that combines cake, frosting and candy coating into a bite-sized version of everything that [...]


Audience Building on Pinterest: Two Companies Doing it Right

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to a new website that has since changed my life: Pinterest. While I’ll admit to spending a little more time on it than I probably should, there is [...]


3 Powerful Content Changes to Grow Your Audience Online

To create our recent infographic on audience building, I had to hack and slash my way through beaucoup ineffective and boring content to find the gems. Along the way, I fled posts that were [...]


Audience Building is The First Step to Effective Marketing

If you create great online marketing materials, write a compelling blog post or tweet breaking industry news, but no one sees them, what has really been accomplished? About as much as a tree [...]


How Small Businesses Can Build An Audience Online

If 2013 is going to be the year you commit to growing your business using the Internet and inbound marketing techniques, one of the first questions you should ask is how to build an online [...]


How to Attract New Customers in 2013 with a Business Blog

For a business owner, the dwindling days of 2012 means putting strategies in place to accomplish your goals for 2013. You’re probably asking yourself how to grow your business, operate more [...]

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