How to Write SEO-Friendly (and Other Catchy) Headlines

Headlines that condense the story into a single, incisive line is the goal. But when it comes to search engine optimization, that single line might miss the forest for the trees.


How to Transition from Academic Writing to Blogging

As I finish up my editing internship this summer and approach the last semester of my undergraduate career at Florida State University, I can’t help but think about the drastic differences [...]


One Does Not Simply Write a Blog Post about Memes

With the popularity that memes have gained, you may be wondering if you should incorporate them into your marketing campaign. The answer is: Why not? Businesses can use memes not only to appeal [...]


Use Your Business Blog to Create Better Customers

You know that communicating regularly with customers can lead to stronger relationships and more business. You also know that you have information about your business that will make them better [...]


3 Steps for Brewing Better Blog Posts

Although it might sound a little crazy, a lot can be learned from a cup of coffee, even when it comes to writing a blog post. Comparing a blog post to the formation of a cup of Joe can help you [...]


From Backpack to Briefcase: The Transition from Academic to Professional Writing

In my short time as an intern at Fiore Communications, I feel as though I’ve learned almost as much about writing as I have during my two years in the Editing, Writing, and Media program at [...]


Keepin’ it Real: Fresh Writing for Common Topics

When writing for a blog, oftentimes you will find yourself writing about topics that many other people have covered before. A quick Google search is bound to pull up countless blogs and articles [...]


Great Content is More than a Catchy Headline

If you came across an article titled “How to Start Saving for Retirement,” what would you expect to read about? If you’re like me, you’d expect actual methods and tips for saving money, maybe [...]


Creating a Company Blog: Why Your Business Needs to Start Blogging

More and more businesses, including your competitors, are using blogging as a new way to promote themselves. The big question is: Why? Blogging serves as a unique, valuable, and powerful [...]


How Can Local Business Owners Blog Effectively? Experts Weigh In.

Having a website for your local business simply isn’t enough by itself to get the attention online you need to build your business. To get more visitors to your site, generate more leads and [...]

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