7 Reasons Your Competitors Get More Website Traffic Than You Do

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Are your competitors getting all the website traffic in your niche and preventing you from attracting the new customers your business needs?

While increasing website traffic isn’t the only objective for successful online marketing, it does set the foundation to help you meet larger goals such as generating leads and converting those leads into customers.

Consider the following seven reasons for why your competitors may have an unfair significant advantage when it comes to attracting website traffic.

Reason No. 1: They Know Their Target Audience

When it comes to website marketing, it’s easy to get lost in terms such as SEO, link building and conversion ratios.

While these are important tools or ways to measure site performance, they are nothing compared to knowing who your target market is, what their online search behaviors are and their trigger points that make them want to visit a website and buy.

Reason No. 2: They Have Easy-to-Update Websites

Increasing website traffic is a daily effort that requires consistent website updates. Your competitors realize this and developed their site so they, or a strategic partner, can make changes to the site without fumbling with lots of difficult code.

Reason No. 3: They Update Their Blog Often

Your competitors know the competitive advantage a blog gives them, and they respond by not only having a blog, but by updating it often with content prospects will actually want to read.

Even more, your competitors get subscribers to their blog to increase the amount of repeat website traffic they receive.

Reason No. 4: They May Be Using Unethical Practices

There is a dark side to Internet marketing, and its name is black-hat SEO.

Essentially, black-hat SEO is a collection of tactics to inflate website rankings in a short amount of time. Don’t follow suit, though, as Google will find your competitors engaging in these practices and will potentially de-index them, cutting them off from free website traffic.

Reason No. 5: They Measure Results and Seek Opportunities

Your competitors use website visitor data collected through analytics tools such as Google Analytics to make decisions about their website. Often, this means analyzing how prospects are finding their site and making changes or writing more targeted blog posts to capitalize on that information.

Reason No. 6: They Form Strategic Partnerships

When your competitors first released their website, they probably lacked a big audience of their own so they developed strategic partners by submitting guest posts or other content to established blogs or websites in order to be exposed to new audiences.

As a result, your competitors saw boosts in website traffic from those guest posts that would have taken months to get by blogging only on their own site.

Reason No. 7: They Seek Outside Help

Your competitors realize that updating a blog often, reviewing analytics data and seeking strategic guest blog posting opportunities takes more time than they could possibly spare.

Instead, they leverage the expertise of others through inbound and content marketing services to bring in more and better-qualified website visitors.

What other strategies or tactics do you see your competitors using to increase their website traffic? What will you do to start getting your fair share of visitors? Let us know in the comments below.

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