Using ‘On’ or ‘About’ and Other Tough Word Choices for the Writing Perfectionist

As you begin to parse the meanings of words and the way they fit into sentences, you might suddenly realize that the way you’ve long been writing something can be vastly improved by choosing a [...]


How to Get Back Into the Working Mindset After a Vacation

If you’re able to take a break from school or work to go to the beach, take a road trip, or even have a stay-cation on your couch, you’re lucky. We all enjoy occasionally taking time off and [...]


Thoughts from the Snapper: Celebrating Small Business Week

Last night, I mowed my grass for the first time in years. Just as I had done hundreds of times before using a lawn service, I followed the usual pattern – creating straight lines across the front [...]


The Privilege of Payroll

Over the last 18 years, a lot has changed for this company. I have worked in my dining room, a generous colleague’s extra office, my mom’s spare bedroom (that is another whole story), an office [...]


Want to Build Your Business? Turn and Face the Wind

Why is change so hard? Why do we so willingly keep moving in the wrong direction even when we know the longer we wait, the harder the return trip will be? I faced this very dilemma last [...]


Florida Sheriffs Rescue One of their Own at Winter Conference

Over the 15 years I have been associated with the Florida Sheriffs Association, I have had many occasions to be impressed with the collective character of Florida's 67 sheriffs. But never have [...]


Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes?

If it were true that not changing would ensure that everything stayed the same, what any easy world this would be to navigate. The truth is that everything is always changing, so if you are not [...]


Make Sure the Air is Cold

We get hired to do something. We do it. We are courteous and responsive, but we do it and move on. That's the way business works. Right? That model works perfectly as long as everything works, [...]


Be Careful, the Plate is Hot!

If you are wondering why it is all about me and how I feel, it's because it is. I am what matters. I am the goal. I am the prize. I am customer, hear my roar.


What was the Old Color?

Now, before I get all judgmental, I readily admit that I would be very unlikely to recognize a change in a friend’s house color, either. The point is that people often don’t recognize better, [...]

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