Fiore Favorites: Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or Eagles this Sunday, everyone knows the true winner of Super Bowl LII will be the brand that produces the most memorable, game-changing commercial. Whether they make you laugh out loud or shed a tear, unforgettable commercials are a staple of the Super Bowl experience.

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Bad Advice: Columnist Misses Point of Twitter

September 01, 2009

While waiting for my 15-year-old daughter to exhaust the rest of her allowance at the mall (with the help of a friend), I sat in the café area at Borders reading the September issue of “Entrepreneur.” I was pleased to come across an article entitled “The Twittering Class,” about the use of social media tools, but was flabbergasted by how far the article missed the mark.

How many experts out there, much less regular business people, are simply missing the point of Twitter as it relates to business?

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Nine Reasons to Consider Email Newsletters

July 14, 2009

I spend a lot of time talking about why davemail is a great alternative to online, do-it-yourself email marketing services. Lost in my enthusiasm, however, is the simple truth that there may be one or two of you out there who are not yet sold on the value of an email newsletter in the first place.

So I am putting away the sales hat and speaking from the heart. Whether you do it yourself, assign it to a competent staff member or outsource it to highly trained, experienced, creative, dependable writing and design team (let’s call them davemail for purposes of illustration), email newsletters are worth a look.

Here are my top nine reasons why:

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The Lure of the Bargain Book

July 01, 2009

Ever notice how many things seem like they should be fun until you actually do them? What is really sad is that we have done most of those things before – and we should know better.

For me, many of those misguided notions of fun involve shopping of some kind. Going to the mall sounds appealing every six months or so, and even yard sales have a certain pull until the reality of sifting through piles of outdated electronics and battered sports equipment while sweating through your shirt sets in.

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Using SMS as a Marketing Tool

June 27, 2009

What role can SMS messaging play in a marketing campaign?

SMS (short message service) messages are text messages delivered to mobile phones much in the same way email newsletters are delivered to inboxes.

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5 Ideas for Finding Good Email Newsletter Content

June 10, 2009

Your email newsletters can be cool, flashy and colorful – with lots of links and social media gadgets – but none of that matters if we are not giving them something useful to read. With apologies to Elvis and LeBron James, content is king – at least in the world of effective communications.

While the davemail writing team is here to help (a lot), the ideas for your newsletter articles are generally going to come from you. So where are the best places to find good, usable content that will compel your readers and help build stronger relationships? Here are five places to start looking:

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Playing by the Rules of Email Marketing

June 05, 2009

Why can’t I send my email newsletter to anyone I want – like I can with direct-mail cards?

Like it or not, we in the legitimate email marketing business are forced by law to play by different rules. Again, it comes back to permission. As marketing icon Seth Godin says, almost all forms of traditional advertising and marketing are based on interrupting our daily lives with messages we didn’t ask for.

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Existing Customers are Key to Increased Sales

May 04, 2009

Strengthening relationships with current customers is the easiest and most effective way to increase your sales. The old adage that it is five times more expensive to gain a new client than retain a current client may be difficult for you to quantify, but it is certainly true in principle.

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