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For more than 14 years, Fiore Communications has helped businesses, associations and non-profits tell their stories to the people who matter most. Using the tools of digital and traditional marketing, we develop websites that attracts new visitors, write blog posts and manage social media to engage important audiences and strengthen relationships through email newsletters and both print and online publications.

In other words, we are telling our clients’ stories every day in lots of different ways — building trust, loyalty and commitment to the brand they worked so hard to create. How do we do it?

We listen, we create, we deliver and we measure.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but truly effective communication rarely is. We would love to hear your story and share ideas about how we might be able to help.

Want to Build Your Business? Turn and Face the WindJune 11th, 2015

Why is change so hard? Why do we so willingly keep moving in the wrong direction even when we know the longer we wait, the harder the return trip will be?

I faced this very dilemma last February, while attending a client conference in beautiful Amelia Island. Now for those not familiar with a north Florida winter, it can be downright cold. Maybe not Duluth, Minn., cold, but cold enough to need every piece of fleece I jammed into my suitcase.

chapstick2My wife, Robyn, and I looked out at the bright sunshine from our balcony and decided there was no way we could miss walking on the beach we had admired for the last two days. So we went.

Bundled up and ready, we started our excursion with several marginally successful selfies (I’m still working on that skill) and then began a pleasant stroll with the brisk wind at our backs. After around 20 minutes, we decided to head back, but we quickly realized that turning around meant facing a wind that would redden our cheeks and chap our lips in mere minutes.

So we did the smart thing. We kept walking farther down the beach.

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