We Can Be Friends: Editing as Coaching Makes Communication Successful

Creating Content on a Budget: Working with Volunteer Writers

When you’re creating content on a budget, you may have to turn to volunteer writers. Associations and nonprofits are particularly fertile ground for finding volunteers, but you can use them in [...]

Yikes! Save Some of Those Exclamation Points for a Rainy Day

Sometimes, words are simply not enough. There are times when we need to make sure our readers understand that a statement is super important, urgent, exciting or scary. Enter the exclamation [...]

The 5 Most-Read Fiore Feed Articles from 2015

Every week, our team reviews the best online articles we can find on a variety of topics related to business, grammar, social media, marketing, communication and more and deliver the best five to [...]

How to Transition from Academic Writing to Blogging

As I finish up my editing internship this summer and approach the last semester of my undergraduate career at Florida State University, I can’t help but think about the drastic differences [...]

3 Steps for Brewing Better Blog Posts

Although it might sound a little crazy, a lot can be learned from a cup of coffee, even when it comes to writing a blog post. Comparing a blog post to the formation of a cup of Joe can help you [...]

From Backpack to Briefcase: The Transition from Academic to Professional Writing

In my short time as an intern at Fiore Communications, I feel as though I’ve learned almost as much about writing as I have during my two years in the Editing, Writing, and Media program at [...]

Keepin’ it Real: Fresh Writing for Common Topics

When writing for a blog, oftentimes you will find yourself writing about topics that many other people have covered before. A quick Google search is bound to pull up countless blogs and articles [...]

Style or Substance? How About Both?

"It's about what you write, not how well you write it." Like a dagger to the heart, those words from a new email newsletter client pierced my writer's soul and made me question the purpose of [...]

Writing is a Great Skill for Tough Times

I got a phone call this week from a client who does not hire me nearly as much as he used to. In fact, I haven't written a story for his publication in a year or so. He says it's because of [...]

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