3 Steps for Brewing Better Blog Posts

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My relationship with coffee is no joking matter. Everyone who knows me has become aware of the fact that I might be slightly addicted. Although it might sound a little crazy, a lot can be learned from a cup of coffee, even when it comes to writing a blog post. Comparing a blog post to the formation of a cup of Joe can help you determine the best combination of ingredients and most efficient process to make a savor-worthy creation.

Step 1: The Black Coffee

When writing a blog post, you need to start with a good foundation, like the black coffee framework of your perfect drink. The best post foundations are a combination of a great topic idea and the facts and information needed as support.

Just like a coffee doesn’t just magically appear in your hands as soon as you realize you want one (I can dream), all the details of your post will not come together without research. Even if you’re an expert on the topic, you should find and use relevant statistics, case studies, expert opinions, etc. to build your foundation.

Also remember that a good foundation is one that you can build on. Use a blog post topic that you can add to, instead of rehashing one that has been written about a million times before.

Black coffee is bitter and hard to drink by itself, just like a blog post with just the facts. Start adding to your post to make it easier to swallow.

Step 2: The Cream

How to Brew a Better Blog PostNow the base of your cup of coffee is complete, you can start adding the cream. These are the personal touches — the quotes, transitions, explanations and opinions- that you add to your post to make it more interesting and easier to consume. These parts hold the post together, help the reader understand the information and why they should care and gets them to keep reading all the way to the end.

Writers should be careful about adding too much cream to the mix, and transforming their post from something actionable and useful into something pointless. This step is to make your post’s content balanced, not to add unnecessary fluff.

Step 3: The Sugar (or my personal favorite, Stevia)

Now it’s time to sweeten up your creation. Find an eye-catching photo or create an infographic that goes along with your blog post. A headline that intrigues your target audience is also a way to make your post even tastier and get your post read and hopefully enjoyed.

One of the reasons I love coffee so much is it comes in all different varieties. Just like how coffee comes in forms, blog posts cover different topics, but all share a common goal of being entertaining and informative. You can brew a bold, intense blend that covers the effects of segmentation on bounce rates or whip up something lighter, like a blog post about using memes in marketing. Once you’ve got the process down, make sure to follow coffee’s example and mix it up by writing about different topics. This will keep your readers coming back for more!



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