Writing is a Great Skill for Tough Times

 In Writing and Editing

I got a phone call this week from a client who does not hire me nearly as much as he used to. In fact, I haven’t written a story for his publication in a year or so. He says it’s because of budget cuts, but he apparently still had a phone, so I’m not so sure.

In truth, he and his managing editor are doing almost all the writing these days. “It is amazing how much we can write when we have to,” he told me. I  guess in this economy, he also should be glad that he can write. Instead of being solely a manager of the publication, he is a good writer, which in this case meant job security.

Those who merely facilitate the process, no matter what it is, are far less attractive than those who facilitate and can get the work done themselves. In the reality of today’s workforce, having bottom-line skills, such as writing, can be a difference-maker.

Of course, in essence, I make my living by being hired by others to write for them, but it is not always about me. If you can write at all, this might be a good time to dust off the style book, sharpen those skills and offer to pen a sales letter or some web copy for your boss. Making yourself invaluable to your team is the best way to stick around. And being a good, concise and effective writer is a great way to set yourself apart.

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