Why Multimedia Content Is So Important For Your Business’s Social Media

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There’s no single way to tell a story. In fact, the number of ways to tell a story through social media is virtually endless, which is why it’s important to understand how to use different methods of storytelling through social media platforms to reach your audience and meet your marketing objectives.

Having a strong multimedia content strategy helps to effectively and efficiently reach your entire audience. The content you create should be as diverse as it is rich. Remember, it’s not about the content that you like the most, it’s about creating relatable content that your followers can respond to and engage with.

Before every post, you should have a basic understanding of who you want to reach, what action you want to drive and what goal you want to accomplish. That’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing what content will drive results for a given situation. Here are a few ideas to consider and reasons why using multimedia content as part of your social media strategy is so important.

Multimedia Content Keeps Things Fresh

Mix it up. Not only is this important for your followers, it’s important for you as a content creator. You don’t want your audience to become stale on what you post, but you especially don’t want to get lost in the monotony of posting the same thing every single day. It’s incredibly important to keep your passion alive as a content creator. Your passion drives your ability to create impactful content that will ultimately have an effect on your business’s bottom line.

Not only does keeping your content fresh help fuel your passion, but it also helps your creativity. You’re going to pick up some nuggets along the way, and you’ll gain new ideas through your experience. Short, text-based videos have become wildly successful in the news and media industry, but they’ve only been around a few years. That means that at some point, fairly recently, someone used their experience to discover a creative new method of storytelling that that has proven to be extremely effective in the auto-play era. So, keep at it. You could come up with the next big thing online.

You Have to Use the Right Medium for Your Message

You wouldn’t eat spaghetti through a straw, and you wouldn’t use a fork to drink water. You want to use the right tools for whatever action you’re trying to accomplish. The same principle should apply to your social media strategy; use the tools that best leverage the situation.

For example, if you’re having a customer appreciation event, the best way to show just how happening it was might be to post an image gallery on Instagram. Whereas if you’re trying to demo a product or service, Facebook Live allows you to highlight it in real-time and engage with your audience by answering their questions. If you’re closed for the day, create a simple graphic on Facebook or Instagram, or maybe a short Tweet.

Every message your business sends, no matter how big or small, becomes part of your story, part your brand and part of the perpetual conversation you hold with your audience. Learning how to utilize the storytelling techniques and platforms that best suit the situation is crucial for reaching your audience.

Not All Followers Are Motivated by the Same Content

According to social media marketing and scheduling tool, Social Pilot, more than 65 million businesses have a Facebook business page; 6,000 Tweets are sent every second; and there are 4.2 billion Instagram likes per day. That’s a lot of online competition, which is why it’s extremely important that your content consistently grabs the attention of your audience. But, how do you communicate with all of your followers?

Take a few seconds to consider what makes you stop scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. It may be a photo of a baby, a short video of a dog, a funny meme, an interesting news article or even a dramatic dissertation of a plain text post. There’s something (or many things) out there that stops your thumb in its tracks and captures your attention for at least a few moments.

The point is, every one of your followers has his or her own preferences for consuming content, and you want to diversify the content you create to stand out to as many of them as possible. Using diverse, but still-relevant content, is going to be the most effective over time.

Lastly, take note of what works. In the communication process, just as important as successfully sending (and receiving) a message is responding and adjusting to feedback accordingly. Through trial and error, you’ll start to see trends in what receives engagement, what drives action and ultimately, what grows revenue. Use the analytics tools available in each platform to evaluate the effectiveness of your posts. And remember that not every post is going to be wildly successful. But, by using multimedia content, you’re ensuring that you will have a diverse and efficient social media strategy.

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