Make Sure the Air is Cold

We get hired to do something. We do it. We are courteous and responsive, but we do it and move on. That's the way business works. Right? That model works perfectly as long as everything works, [...]


Be Careful, the Plate is Hot!

If you are wondering why it is all about me and how I feel, it's because it is. I am what matters. I am the goal. I am the prize. I am customer, hear my roar.


Love Your Accountant? Tell Somebody.

I know we are already in resolution-breaking mode, but here is a simple goal for 2011 that would help all of us who are looking to keep our business doors open this year.


Saying “No” to Small is a Big Mistake

It has been a common tagline for print ads and radio spots for generations. “No job is too big or too small, we do it all.” Variations of this theme can be found in ads for companies in [...]


Eat, Watch, Type

At the time of this writing, I am sitting in a Chick-fil-A restaurant in St. Augustine, Fla., working on email newsletters and trying not to be overly distracted by the surprisingly compelling [...]


Taking Time for the Fundamentals

Running a business well is like riding a bike. Not because you never forget how, but because getting off to a good start does not always ensure long-term success. Riding a bicycle in a [...]


The Lure of the Bargain Book

Ever notice how many things seem like they should be fun until you actually do them? What is really sad is that we have done most of those things before - and we should know better. For me, [...]


Using SMS as a Marketing Tool

What role can SMS messaging play in a marketing campaign? SMS (short message service) messages are text messages delivered to mobile phones much in the same way email newsletters are [...]


Closing Accounts for Cookies

I was a little nervous as I walked through the doors of my Bank of America branch this morning. I was sure they could tell why I was there. I needed to close my two business accounts, and my [...]


How to Avoid the Puffy Shirt

While hanging out with my younger three children last night, I heard my 9-year-old son say something I have thought a million times but never had the courage to say out loud.

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