Using SMS as a Marketing Tool

What role can SMS messaging play in a marketing campaign? SMS (short message service) messages are text messages delivered to mobile phones much in the same way email newsletters are [...]

Closing Accounts for Cookies

I was a little nervous as I walked through the doors of my Bank of America branch this morning. I was sure they could tell why I was there. I needed to close my two business accounts, and my [...]

How to Avoid the Puffy Shirt

While hanging out with my younger three children last night, I heard my 9-year-old son say something I have thought a million times but never had the courage to say out loud.

5 Ideas for Finding Good Email Newsletter Content

Your email newsletters can be cool, flashy and colorful - with lots of links and social media gadgets - but none of that matters if we are not giving them something useful to read. With apologies [...]

Playing by the Rules of Email Marketing

Why can't I send my email newsletter to anyone I want - like I can with direct-mail cards? Like it or not, we in the legitimate email marketing business are forced by law to play by different [...]

My Wife, the Trojan Horse

At about 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, I tweeted that I was about to head home and was looking forward to being greeted by my youngest three children (ages 9, 7 and 3) because they still run to me with [...]