Saying “No” to Small is a Big Mistake

 In Small Business

It has been a common tagline for print ads and radio spots for generations. “No job is too big or too small, we do it all.”  Variations of this theme can be found in ads for companies in virtually every industry as a common way to communicate a general openness to considering projects of all sizes.

Today, it means something much more literal.

While fear of tackling a project that is too large seldom seems to be an issue these days, taking on the small jobs has become an art form – a virtual mosaic of billable projects that together create a pretty decent picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the steady clients, the huge projects and the monthly retainers, which usually add up to lots of good work and less stress. But based on recent conversations I’ve had with some pretty successful people, those days are gone – at least for now. They are focused on getting just about any work they can, and no job really is too small. If they can make some money, keep their people busy and get their name out there, then it is worth doing.

And they are getting creative – offering new services, being innovative in how they treat their customers and exploring inexpensive marketing tools such as Chamber memberships and social media.

Now, some work just doesn’t make sense, and I have turned down jobs that simply do not fit my strengths, but I am more unlikely than ever to turn down a good job just because it is small or a one-time thing.

Add those up, and you (and I) may just get through the month.

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