Using SMS as a Marketing Tool

 In Marketing Strategies, Small Business

What role can SMS messaging play in a marketing campaign?

SMS (short message service) messages are text messages delivered to mobile phones much in the same way email newsletters are delivered to inboxes.

Each text can be up to 160 characters and is sent to a list of mobile phone numbers.

They are especially effective for urgent communications such as breaking legislative news (the committee is voting in an hour, call your rep right now) or a large conference (the keynote speaker starts in 15 minutes – don’t miss it).

They are much more intrusive than email, because in some cases, they can cost the recipient money. So BE SURE you have permission to send SMS before you do it. Otherwise, you could be fined, or even worse, lose a potential client and create some very bad buzz about your business.

They also are a little more expensive to send than newsletters, so use them wisely. Saved for the right moments, and sent to the right people,  SMS messages can move a lot of people in a very short amount of time, producing big results.

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