Love Your Accountant? Tell Somebody.

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I know we are already in resolution-breaking mode, but here is a simple goal for 2011 that would help all of us who are looking to keep our business doors open this year.

I heard from two small-business owners this morning who said they simply needed more people to pick up the phone or drop by their store. One retail owner told me he had one person in his store yesterday.  The other said his phones are far too quiet and he needs to keep his employees busy.

So what can we do? Let’s be conscious of every opportunity to refer people we know to the businesses we like. Keep a list (at least in your brain) of the local products and services you use and then try to pair them up with your friends, family and colleagues.

It’s not rocket science, but it takes a few minutes of thought. Overhearing a conversation about jewelry or overgrown trees? Jump in with the name of your diamond expert or tree guy.

When new business seemingly comes from nowhere, it usually starts with someone taking a moment to offer a personal recommendation.

Let’s be that person more often in 2011.

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  • Dave Fiore

    Thanks, Howard and M.J. I appreciate the nice comments. I hope your efforts have a lasting impact on your communities.

  • M.J. Sullivan

    Dave- Good Thinking!- Of course positive-recommendation- multiplication is the name of the commerce game. It is also a very practical way to commend a job well-done and help good workers become more successful. I promise to start implementing this tip immediately! — Thanks for giving us such a simple and yet innovative solution to finding quality service in our community. -Kudos to you, M.J.

  • Howard Head

    Hi Dave, Nice idea. Happy New Year. Anything you send out keep me on the mailing list. Howard