How to Get Back Into the Working Mindset After a Vacation

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If you’re able to take a break from school or work to go to the beach, take a road trip, or even have a stay-cation on your couch, you’re lucky. We all enjoy occasionally taking time off and letting our minds rest. However, after several days of relaxing, returning to hectic schedules and day-to-day responsibilities sounds less than appealing.

Instead of giving into this mindset and slipping back into a monotonous routine, here are some ideas for how you can prepare yourself to be excited and motivated to return to work or school.

Set New Goals

On your first day back, set new goals for the week. Establishing clear goals can help you decide what you what you really want to achieve this month? Is it an “A” on your next marketing exam? Is it to help a client launch a new advertising campaign?

Once you’ve set these goals, write them down somewhere you will see every day. This will help you to hold yourself accountable and remind you of your progress. I write my goals down in my planner that I keep on my desk at all times so I can refer back to them when I’m feeling a little unmotivated or like I’ve gotten off track.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Coming back from a beach vacation to an extra-long to-do list can be disheartening. The best way to combat this is deciding what’s most important and driving your focus toward those tasks. A shorter, more streamlined list will leave you less overwhelmed. Choose three to five things from your entire to-do list and forget about the rest (at least for now).

When I come into the Fiore Communications office, one of the first things I do is prioritize my to-do list. I choose the most important and timely tasks and list them on a sticky note on my desk. This makes my workload much more manageable and I’m not overwhelmed by jobs and deadlines.

Remember Why You Love What You Do

When you’re feeling unmotivated, remind yourself why you enjoy going to school or why you love your job. Maybe it’s because you enjoy spending time with your classmates. Maybe it’s because you enjoy helping your clients reach their business goals. It is easy to forget why you’re doing something when you’d rather be back on the beach or camping in the mountains.

Personally, I enjoy working at Fiore Communications because I am learning content marketing skills that I can apply both in school and in my future career. Plus, everyone on our team is friendly and willing to answer any questions I might have.

All vacations, sadly, come to an end. Make the transition back to work easier by putting your mind in the right place and sparking your motivation.

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