Building Your List for Email Marketing

Acquiring and maintaining customers and clients is a priority for any marketing plan. The multiple ways to accomplish acquisition and retention requires decision making on what platforms, [...]

6 Ways Companies Can Leverage Milestones to Increase Sales and Drive Business

Whether you’ve achieved a significant sales goal, reached a company anniversary or opened a new location, every business has milestones that should be celebrated – both internally and publicly. [...]

How to Write Emails That Actually Get Read

Email marketing is a proven communication tool for successful businesses, but simply sending emails to your audiences – even loyal customers – is no guarantee that they will be read. What you [...]

4 Simple Swaps That Can Change Your Content Marketing

When I’m scouring the internet for the best articles to share in the Fiore Feed (our weekly compilation email newsletter), nothing quite catches my eye like a how-to blog post. (I blame Pinterest [...]

How to Manually Code HTML Image Maps

In a previous post, Use Image Maps to Create Interactive Emails, we discussed using image maps in your HTML emails to create interactive graphics and circumvent pesky styling problems. Now, as [...]

3 Ways to Get Students to Open Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% (Copyblogger), so why aren’t you getting the kind of engagement you’d like from your email newsletters? Check out these three suggestions to get readers to [...]

Sephora and the Beauty of Successful Email Marketing

Every few days, I take a moment to scroll through my email inbox. And every few days, it’s always the same thing: a flood of advertisements from companies that I wish I hadn’t given my email to. [...]

What Makes You So Special?

Other than your mom, spouse and kids (before they become teenagers), do people really know what makes you special? Do your clients actually understand what you bring to the table? Can they see [...]

Looking for Newsletter Content? Talk it Out.

For lots and lots of people, creating relevant, compelling content for their email newsletters can be a grind -- bordering on downright unpleasant. No matter how enthusiastic one is about their [...]

Browser Viewing Bails Out Quirky Emails

It is no secret to anyone who has every attempted to send an HTML email newsletter that coding can be a tricky thing. Designing a nice newsletter with background images, lots of color and text [...]

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