Sephora and the Beauty of Successful Email Marketing

Every few days, I take a moment to scroll through my email inbox. And every few days, it’s always the same thing: a flood of advertisements from companies that I wish I hadn’t given my email to. [...]

Instagram for Business: One Tallahassee Company Doing it Right

Sharing life's big (and small) moments is easier than ever with the popular phone app Instagram. Whether it’s a photo of your lunch, or a beautiful sunset, it only takes a few seconds to share [...]

More Business is Just Icing on the Cake (Pop)

At some point during my junior year at Florida State I became obsessed with making cake pops, a dessert that combines cake, frosting and candy coating into a bite-sized version of everything that [...]

Using Pinterest for Business: 6 Simple Tips

If you are a business owner who has recently joined the world of Pinterest, first of all let me say, "Welcome!" You now have the ability to waste hours of your life without even realizing it. In [...]