Social Media: A New Hope in the Age of Millennial Skepticism

According to a 2014 Gallup poll, skepticism among Millennials is more profound than that of any previous generation. Confidence in news media has fallen to an all-time low, and expectations of institutions like law enforcement and the nation’s highest courts to act justly have all but deteriorated. Millennials seem to glance sideways at everyone from members of Congress to Wall Street brokers. This is not merely a political trend; it is a cultural trend that continues to shape public life and opinion and develop interesting implications for marketing, advertising and business.

In this age of leeriness towardSkepticism – Option 5 resized anyone who is selling something, it’s tough to gain the allegiance of even one consumer. Gone are the days when simply offering quality products and services at a reasonable price was enough to reel in consumers and keep them. Not forgetting that the majority of a given company’s business comes from a small portion of devoted consumers, companies are having to reinvent their marketing and advertising strategies to accommodate up-and-coming skeptical generations and simultaneously win customer loyalty. According to an article written by Adrian Wooldridge, editor of The Economist’s Schumpeter blog, the most increasingly popular and effective approach is to befriend the consumer, which he regards as “the holy grail of advertising.”

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One Does Not Simply Write a Blog Post about Memes

If you use any social media platform, it is almost impossible not to encounter a meme. Whether it’s “Bad Luck Brian,”“Success Kid,”“Hey Girl” or—my personal favorite—“Condescending Wonka,” these pictures with clever sayings have taken the internet by storm.

With the popularity that memes have gained, you may be wondering if you should incorporate them into your marketing campaign. The answer is: Why not? Businesses can use memes not only to appeal to a younger audience, but also to show they are aware of the latest trends. Memes can be used to promote a new blog post, or to get the word out about a new service or product.

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Digital Marketing for the Music Maker

Gone are the days when music fans had to go to the store to buy an album and decide if they liked the artist’s music or not. Now, technology leads the way to an artist’s exposure and their engagement with fans or potential fans. Artists also can use technology to build, and eventually maintain, their brand. Here are some ways that digital marketing has impacted an artist’s ability to promote themselves.

Most, if not all, artists and bands have some presence on social media, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram almost exclusively. I can find any band I listen to on all three of these social media platforms, and each one provides something a little different.

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