Use Image Maps to Create Interactive Emails

It’s no secret that images are an important part of a successful email marketing strategy. Email newsletters with images have a higher click-through rate than those without (Vero). But instead of [...]

Getting Bored with Your Own Writing

I just erased an entire blog post that was intended for this spot. I had an interesting anecdote to start things out and tied it to an important business principle, but when I read it back it [...]

Ask Questions with Childlike Persistence

As any parent with young children will tell you, kids have no problem asking questions. Even the simplest declaration can set off an avalanche of inquiries that would make the most experienced [...]

Choosing Words Like Your Life Depended On It

I have developed somewhat of a bad habit at home. I don't necessarily think it's bad, but based on some recent body language I have received, I may need to rethink my position on it. Every once [...]

Red Ink Won’t Kill You

As a longtime editor and reader of intern-penned articles, I often was faced with explaining why their papers were overwhelmed with red ink. My opening line was usually, "It’s not as bad as it [...]