The 5 Most-Read Fiore Feed Articles from 2015

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What Makes You So Special?

Other than your mom, spouse and kids (before they become teenagers), do people really know what makes you special? Do your clients actually understand what you bring to the table? Can they see [...]

Browser Viewing Bails Out Quirky Emails

It is no secret to anyone who has every attempted to send an HTML email newsletter that coding can be a tricky thing. Designing a nice newsletter with background images, lots of color and text [...]

davemail Q & A: Using Third-Party Lists

The issue of using lists of email addresses generated by someone other than you continues to be a hot topic. I received an email this week asking for my opinion about using a list provided by the [...]

Buying a List Should Not be on Your List

In searching for keywords that people use when seeking information about email newsletters, I made a rather disturbing discovery. The No. 1 term searched for was “email lists.” Apparently, last [...]