4 Tips for Producing Interesting Facebook Live Videos

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As the novelty of Facebook Live begins to wear off, you may be wondering if the feature is still a useful marketing tool for your business. The short answer? Absolutely. Video content is widely consumed on social media, and Facebook Live allows businesses to share interesting videos with little to no production required.

Though your Facebook Live strategy should be as unique as your business, varying based on industry and subject matter, here are some general guidelines to ensure you’re creating both informative and interesting broadcasts that will stand the test of time.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

By answering commonly asked questions, businesses can use Facebook Live to position themselves as experts on topics that are specific to their industry. This also gives organizations the opportunity to further interact with their audience when viewers comment with follow-up questions. According to Facebook, users comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. To maximize on that engagement, drive traffic to your website by answering questions live then replying to comments with links to your website where people can receive additional information.

Tailor the Length of the Broadcast

Determining the perfect length for your live session can be tricky, as it will likely vary depending on the nature of the video. While a Facebook Live broadcast from an event can last hours, a Q&A or informational video may take only a few minutes, and you don’t need to drag it out to reach a certain length. It’s generally recommended that your Facebook Live video lasts at least 10 minutes so more followers have a chance to see it, but Facebook gives users the capability to broadcast for up to four hours.

Be Creative with Your Location

If your team is interested in utilizing Facebook Live regularly, consider broadcasting from different locations to provide more visual interest. The beauty of Facebook Live is that it is filmed using your mobile device, so you can shoot it on the go. In addition to informational sessions, using Facebook Live to showcase community events that your business is participating in will give viewers a change of scenery. However, steer clear of locations with poor connectivity or excessive background noise that may disrupt your broadcast and turn off viewers.

Incorporate Multiple People in Your Video

Including more than one person in a Facebook Live video will give the broadcast a conversational tone and encourage viewers to join in with questions and comments. Additionally, you’ll be providing people an opportunity to get to know more of the people who work at your business, allowing them to associate more team members with your brand.

As you search for new ways to incorporate multimedia content into your social media strategy, rest assured that Facebook Live remains a valuable tool to communicate important information to your followers and provide a glimpse into your company’s culture. If you need help developing a social media plan for your business, give us a call today at 850-668-0510 to get started.

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