Using Pinterest for Social Proof: 3 Examples of Customer Testimonial Boards

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You may know Pinterest as a site for planning wedding color schemes, organizing outfit ideas and even sharing Condescending Wonka memes, but you may not know it is also a great platform for businesses to reach their customers in unique ways.

One way companies are utilizing Pinterest to support sales efforts is creating boards specifically for customer reviews. This is an effective and easy way to make your company and its products or services come alive.

Example #1: Southwest Kia Rockwall

Rockwell Kia Pinterest Board | Fiore Communications

An example of a successful Pinterest customer testimonial board is Southwest Kia Rockwall, a car dealership in Rockwall, Texas. The pins on their board include a short testimonial and a photo of the customer with their car, which includes the date the purchase was made.

This is an effective way to communicate with visitors to the Pinterest page (who are also potential new customers) because it gives life to these testimonials. The Southwest Kia Rockwall board has already accumulated 88 pins.

Example #2: Filter Gutter Protection

Leaf Filters Pinterest Pins | Fiore Communications

Another business that is using a Pinterest customer testimonial board is Leaf Filter Gutter Protection. The company sells LeafFilters, a way to safely keep your house gutters clean. Similar to the Kia dealership, this board includes pins with various testimonials and photos of the clients.

Leaf Filter takes this process one step further and incorporates videos into their testimonial board. Not only does this make a deeper connection with viewers, but by linking from their YouTube page, they are using preexisting content to reach even more people.

Pinterest gives businesses the opportunity to repackage content they have already created.

Example #3: iYogi

iYogi Pinterest Pins | Fiore Communications

Although using photos of clients and their testimonials for your Pinterest testimonial board is a great start, there are also other ways to approach it.

Take iYogi for example, a tech and computer support company.

They have taken their customer reviews and turned them into eye-catching graphics. Their board, “iYogi Love,” uses different fonts, themes and colors, which comes across as hip and fresh.

Create Your Customer Testimonial Board Today

Like how these companies are using Pinterest boards to display customer testimonials? Here’s how to start your own.

1)      Create a new board in your company’s Pinterest account with the board’s title incorporating your name.

2)     Gather up all your testimonials and include customers’ photos if available (with permission, of course).

3)     Create the testimonial graphics. You can do this easily using a tool such as PicMonkey, or you can use a website such as to have someone create many of these photos for you.

4)     Create new pins by uploading these customer reviews and pinning them to your board.

5)     Let your featured customers know that you posted the testimonial so they can share the photo on their favorite social media sites.

What questions do you have about creating a testimonial board on Pinterest? What would help you implement this today? Leave a comment below so we can help!

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