5 Ideas for Finding Good Email Newsletter Content

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Your email newsletters can be cool, flashy and colorful – with lots of links and social media gadgets – but none of that matters if we are not giving them something useful to read. With apologies to Elvis and LeBron James, content is king – at least in the world of effective communications.

While the davemail writing team is here to help (a lot), the ideas for your newsletter articles are generally going to come from you. So where are the best places to find good, usable content that will compel your readers and help build stronger relationships? Here are five places to start looking:

  1. Stuff you already have. Your Web site, brochure or other materials that tell your story will provide great nuggets for short newsletter articles.
  2. Web sites that serve as resources for good info on subjects of interest to your readers. (Note: You can link to online content only when you grab a snippet and link to the original source. You can not use someone else’s work without permission.)
  3. Online news stories on subjects related to your industry. You can sign up for Google Alerts on any subject and you will receive relevant news links in your inbox every day.
  4. Blogs written by industry experts or people who care about the same things your readers do.
  5. Your brain. Write something original, or jot down some bullet points and let the davemail team polish it up a bit.

Always put yourself in your readers’ shoes.  Would you want to read what you are sending out? If the answer is not yes, then we have some work to do!

Have other ideas? Please share.

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