Episode 28: Sha’Ron James

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore
Sha'Ron James

In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Sha’Ron James, government affairs consultant, of counsel, at the Gunster Law Firm. Sha’Ron is a tireless advocate for women and girls, specifically working to provide opportunities and bridging gaps of inequity. As a child, she saw first-hand the difference education can make growing up in two worlds – one stable, middle-class home and an emotionally supportive, but financially vulnerable home. This duality stirred a passion and empathy for the community that has driven her professional and volunteer life as an adult.

Sha’Ron was on her high school homecoming court and was prom queen – but not by being the most popular kid in school. She says it was her first experience with political strategy as she built strong alliances among different groups. Sha’Ron says those same strategies still work for her today.

She is an attorney, worked for three Florida CFOs and spent over three years protecting Floridians as our insurance consumer advocate. And in 2020, she created the Impact Companies and its first project, Impact Foods, which is now serving locally sourced fresh foods around town from high-tech vending machines to those who may lack access to healthy food.

Sha’Ron is also a community volunteer who has held significant leadership positions with the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. A mom who loves to travel and support FAMU football, Sha’Ron says everything she does is to provide opportunities for her daughter.

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