Episode 60: Anita Bushnyakova

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

Host Dave Fiore speaks with Anita Bushnyakova, chief financial officer at Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Anita experienced very different sets of challenges as a child. First, it was enduring the turbulent years of the Eastern European country’s shift from communist rule to fledgling democracy and then assimilation into American culture as a 13-year-old who didn’t speak English – at all.  Her response was to use education as a path to opportunity, earning a perfect score on the SAT and national scholarships, which she used to attend Florida State and study international affairs.

Her broad experiences with an international perspective have shaped her priorities as a professional, community volunteer, advocate and mom.

Anita shares about her plan to join the Peace Corps, her aversion to debt and her love of Tallahassee. She also talks about the importance of resilience and community support in overcoming adversity, the value of early childhood education and why we as a community must ensure equal opportunities for all children.

This episode is sponsored by Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning.

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