Episode 29: Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore
Eddie Gonzalez-Loumiet

In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet, the CEO of Ruvos, a leading provider of healthcare IT services that is having impact worldwide. A Cuban-American born and raised in Miami, Eddie is passionate about being a voice for, and empowering Latinos in technology-related fields. After graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans, he took a job in the Caribbean at an international private bank. While on the island, he met his wife, Jessica, and earned an MBA from the University of Miami by making a most unusual commute on the weekends.

In 2008, the couple took a chance on Tallahassee and a new company called Uber Operations, which would later become Ruvos. As CEO, Eddie has overseen explosive growth, defined the company’s culture and has managed the significant role they are playing in the unexpected story of how COVID-19 turned the healthcare world – and the new mountains of data needing to be delivered securely – upside down. And they do it all from right here in northeast Tallahassee.

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