How to Attract New Customers in 2013 with a Business Blog

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For a business owner, the dwindling days of 2012 means putting strategies in place to accomplish your goals for 2013. You’re probably asking yourself how to grow your business, operate more efficiently, pay off debt or maybe even expand to a new location.

What can you do if that list of goals includes growing your business by attracting new customers online? One of the best places to start is by creating a business blog.

There are plenty of reasons to start a business blog in 2013, but here are the ones I see as being most important.

Blogging for Traffic (and Dollars!)

The more you blog and create relevant and informative content, the more website traffic you will receive. Writing about topics important to your prospective customers casts a wider net of opportunities for your site to be found online.

Let me explain how this happens.

While your website may be found on Google by typing in the name of your business, it doesn’t guarantee your site shows up for terms related to your business that could attract new customers.

If you’re a new company that sells luxury pet items, web users won’t be searching for your store called Chez Barkton, but they could search for the term “luxury dog beds” in Google. (In case you were wondering, the keyword “luxury dog beds” gets searched approximately 8,100 times per month.)

If that web user sees your blog post titled “The 5 Best Luxury Dog Beds Your Puppy Will Love” in the listings, clicks to your site, reads your informative article and then finds out you sell luxury dog beds, you are on your way to securing a new customer.

Your Blog Positions You as an Expert

Updating your blog frequently with industry-related posts demonstrates you know what you’re talking about. These posts then have the ability to be shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Not only does this social sharing bring you more web traffic, the shares themselves act as endorsements that you are an expert and that your content is valuable.

Why would you want expert status? First off, it makes it easier to do business with you. If you’re trying to secure new customers who are experiencing buyer objections, you can use blog posts that demonstrate your experience and credibility as reference points to help move the sales process along.

Also, achieving expert status makes you the go-to person in your industry. When people start turning to you for questions on a topic, ask you to blog about certain industry news or to submit a guest blog post to their blog, you are creating momentum that will drive more traffic to your site that turns into leads and customers.

Customer Success Stories for More Sales

A blog can also help you make the most of your current web traffic that isn’t converting into customers. It’s possible through what we call social proof.

What is social proof? Well, it might be helpful to ask this question in a different way.

When you’re thinking of doing business with a company, do you always believe what they say about themselves? Or do you look for reviews or testimonials that feature like-minded people sharing their experience with the company you’re thinking about?

We all do those searches. This is part of the reason for the success of places like Amazon that feature its customer reviews so prominently.

Having a blog on your site creates a chance for you to write about what you have done for customers and any successes they have had. If your current website visitors read these customer success stories on your blog that establish your credibility, they are more likely to do business with you.

While your blog should focus mainly on industry topics that answer questions or provide necessary information, having posts that showcase your customer success stories with your products or services is perfectly acceptable.

Are you planning on starting a business blog in 2013? What are your concerns about getting started? Let us know in the comments!

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Showing 4 comments
  • Stephen Bryer

    Hey Jeff,

    Such a pointed piece about the value of blogging…for all the reasons you have stated so well. I do hope this is the year that I make it a reality and not just continue thinking about doing it. And I know for a fact I would soon fill a void that is not currently being written or blogged much about.



    • Jeff Machado

      Hi Stephen,
      I appreciate the comment! I would encourage you to start writing down some of your blog post ideas and some bullet points to go along with them. Or try to find articles in your industry to comment on and write a response to it in your own blog. These techniques will help you get started much easier.

      Let me know when you start blogging or if you have any questions.


  • Ryan Naylor

    Writing a blog, either personal or business, is a new tactic for me. I always thought that “I didn’t have much to say.” or just felt like I was selling myself or not being relevant. But my attitude has changed in the past few weeks. My outlook is different, and I now have a new perspective. Rather than worry about what readers my think or not think, I just write what I enjoy or believe will be helpful. But to answer your question, I have no concerns. I would be concerned if I didn’t take any action.

    • Jeff Machado

      Hi Ryan,

      First off, thanks for your comment and contributing to the blog. I appreciate it!

      You can’t go wrong when you’re trying to be helpful in your blog posts. That’s usually the first way I evaluate one of my posts – was it helpful or not? Keep up the new perspective and make time for blogging or planning for blog posts each day.

      Let me know when you start blogging more. I would love to see your posts. Just tweet me @jeff_machado.