Make Parties More Fun: Hire a Writer

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In my business, every day is different, which is a big reason why I like it so much. Over the last two days, I have been writing about the falling price of recreational land in southwest Georgia, the governor’s visit to a local manufacturing company, and the virtues of a new wellness center.

Tomorrow, it will be law enforcement and eye care.

My job allows me to learn a little bit about a lot of things, which can be very dangerous during times when my inner Cliff Claven emerges with one too many “little known facts.” Whether at a business networking event, or facing the temptation of Twitter and Facebook begging me to post an interesting tidbit, I do my best to show restraint. After all, it is in my best interest not to get into a deep conversation about something I really know very little about.

The fact is I don’t need to know a lot about the subjects on which I write, because it is my job to find the people who do, ask them the right questions and then make it understandable and even compelling to the reader. That is what writers do. That is what we get paid (a little bit) for.

Whether it is an in-house marketing manager or an outsourced writer or editor, using experienced communications professionals really does make a difference. Especially when times are tough, small-business owners and managers should stick to what they do best and find the right people to help where needed.

It allows them to stay focused on their business. And it helps people like me look smarter at parties.

Dave Fiore is the founder of davemail.

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