5 Editing Tips for Content Writers

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Good editing requires taking a step back and looking at your writing through the eyes of the reader. Here are a few quick tips you can implement today to improve your editing skills as a content writer – whether editing your own work or someone else’s. 

Getting Started  – Finding Your Editing Rhythm 

To make your writing clear for every audience, it’s important to have a strong editing process. Not only will it make your writing stronger from a grammatical and style standpoint, it also ensures your ideas are presented in a way the reader can understand. During this process, you can cut unecessary clutter, refine your talking points and provide the best value for your readers’ time. 

You have to ask yourself: Without being YOU, can the reader understand your thoughts and ideas clearly? Keep in mind they might not have the same background knowledge, context and life experience as you. 

Next, go through this checklist of five editing tips to further refine your writing. 

1. Replace Clunky Words and Phrases 

Evaluate each sentence. Is there one word that can replace several words? (For example, one common edit is to swap “a lot of” to “many.”) Next, remove unnecessary introductory phrases or qualifiers that muddle the meaning of a sentence.  

2. Make Sentences Clear(er) 

A good rule of thumb for content writers: If you must read a sentence more than once to figure out its meaning, re-write it. Even if it’s technically a “proper sentence.” 

This is especially important for questions – make it clear that it is a question from the beginning of the sentence to avoid reader confusion. For example, “Wanting to make a splash this summer?” is easier to understand when written as “Do you want to make a splash this summer?” 

3. Check Word Use  

Next, make sure the right word — with the intended and literal meaning — is used.  Avoid the need for unnecessary interpretation. For instance, you might contrast the description of beaches with more “natural landscapes,” picturing North Florida forests and rivers. But for a reader in Miami, the beach is the natural landscape. Spend an extra minute to find a better word or phrase. 

4. Remove Filler 

While we want to believe that every sentence has value, we’re all guilty of rambling sometimes. Check your writing for sentences that over-explain or linger on one idea for too long. Every sentence should serve to move the discussion forward – if not, it’s time to edit! Be ruthless when making cuts.  

5. Read It Out Loud 

Finally, one tried-and-true editing tip is to proof by reading the content out loud. Your brain will skip past small mistakes or fill in missing words, but your ears will pick up on mistakes that are read out loud.  

Just as writing requires practice, editing is a skill you must fine tune.  Get into the habit of looking at your work through the eyes of someone else, and you’ll be surprised how much you can improve your writing. Cutting out the clutter can be time-consuming, but it’s what allows your thoughts and ideas to come through.  

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