Episode 59: Charlie Strickland

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

Host Dave Fiore speaks with Charlie Strickland, CEO and co-owner of Talon Training Group. A native of nearby Marianna, Charlie shares his journey from the FSU Police Department and working on the family farm to building a reputation as the MacGyver of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. While climbing the ranks at LCSO, he earned an MBA from Florida State to bolster his resume for a high-ranking administrative position that he would be passed over for, but he turned that disappointment into a life-changing opportunity that continues to evolve today.

Charlie shares his thoughts on running for sheriff in 2016 and the time he was caught driving a motorcycle after consuming too many Monster energy drinks. He also talks about the power of relationships and getting involved in the community – including how a trip to the Florida Public Safety Institute with his Leadership Tallahassee class led to buying the land for Talon Range.

We talk about how Charlie started his radio and podcasting career, the responsibilities of gun ownership and the impact of training more than 80,000 people to safely carry a firearm.

This episode is sponsored by Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning.

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