Episode 55: Warren Cave

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

Host Dave Fiore speaks with Warren Cave, the founder of The Clean Start Initiative, a non-profit ministry to help those previously incarcerated and their families. Warren grew up in Coral Gables as one of 13 children and was an outstanding student and basketball player, despite the fact he would often be drunk and high before the first school bell even rang.

He spent four years in the 10th grade, with more time on the streets of Coconut Grove robbing tourists than in the classroom. That led to repeated trips to jail and eventually prison as an addict who didn’t expect to live past the age of 25.

Warren’s life took a dramatic turn when he heard from God in the back of a police car and began to turn things around. And while his journey has not been without setbacks, he has dedicated his life to helping others, especially the homeless and those struggling with drugs and alcohol.

He and his wife, Yolanda, met at the Fun Station playing basketball for some Popeye’s chicken. A game he lost. They have five children in their family and are grateful to be making a difference together.

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