Episode 44: Eric Holman

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Eric Holman, who is currently the chief marketing officer for Barton Nutrition but is best known as the creator of Socially Loved and the Local Lovebook. The native of South Dakota and father of five is a serial entrepreneur, with an impressive record of launching concepts and growing them into highly successful companies. But Eric’s story does not have a fairytale ending – at least not yet.

A move to Tallahassee led to significant financial and emotional struggle, topped by a COVID shutdown that closed one business and threatened another. He found himself searching for his place in a world that was not working out as he had planned. Just three weeks after wondering to himself if his family might be better off without him, Eric was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain condition that required immediate surgery. Now completely recovered, he says he is grateful for a family and a God who have been faithful to love him in good times and in bad.

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