Episode 39: Sherman Rosier

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore
Sherman Rosier How I Got Here Podcast Episode 39

In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Sherman Rosier, owner of Fit and Functional, a personal fitness and wellness studio in Tallahassee.

Sherman’s interest in fitness was born as a runner at Cobb Middle School, where he had the chance to train with the Lincoln High cross country team. He would go on to study physical therapy at Florida A&M University and become a personal trainer – developing a hybrid approach to wellness that focuses on general fitness and also helps those with limitations.

His interest in business was piqued after working summers with his grandfather on a hog farm and in his stucco business. While he appreciated the experience, Sherman decided he would rather be the person writing the checks.

His path took a twist, literally, in high school, when he felt his decision to wear dreadlocks negatively impacted the way he was perceived – both at his jobs at a grocery store and fine dining restaurant and later as a student in the FAMU College of Business and Industry.

Sherman has weathered the storms of the Great Recession and COVID shutdowns and continues to follow his dream to make Tallahassee a little more fit – and functional.

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  • Alease Rosier

    39 EPISODE: Sherman Rosier, Dave I really enjoy popcast,it was awesome.Thank you so much sharing.