Episode 35: Alix Miller

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore
Alix Miller

In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Alix Miller, president and CEO of the Florida Trucking Association. If being a woman in this role was not unexpected enough, Alix holds a doctorate in interdisciplinary humanities, was a college professor, plays the oboe and was a world-class ballet dancer. Not exactly the typical career path to run an organization associated with the image of tough guys living life on the roads of our state and beyond.

But there is not much typical about Alix. After a successful career in dance and academia, Alix transitioned to communications and advocacy, which she said was essentially the same as teaching – just applying the skills in a different way. The New York native and mother of twin girls now leads an industry responsible for transporting virtually everything we need to live and thrive in Florida. She believes they are up to the challenge.

Alix provides a great reminder about how discipline and excellence are a great foundation for wherever life leads you, no matter how unexpected.


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