Episode 26: Ashley Guy

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Ashley Guy, owner and founder of Tallulah CBD and Juicebar. A native of Olympia, Wash., Ashley learned about hard work and dealing with stress at an early age as an accomplished ballerina winning leading roles and traveling the country at prestigious summer camps.

After earning her master’s degree, Ashley worked with children at U.S. military bases in Europe before following the advice of friends and family to turn down an opportunity to join the Peace Corps. This decision taught her an important lesson to listen to herself and follow her dreams regardless of what others say.

That belief would allow Ashley to transition from teaching high school to business ownership not long after she moved to Tallahassee with her husband and daughter.

With no business training or experience and her own start-up capital, Ashley’s success in opening and running multiple retail locations focused on hemp-based products is as unlikely as it is impressive. Her determination to trust her gut and outwork the competition has proven to be a recipe that is creating an undeniable buzz in the community.

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