ruthann campbell


Ruthann Campbell | Digital Marketing Manager | Fiore Communications


Drinks Her Coffee:

Hot or iced with a splash of half and half. For a treat I enjoy any type of latte with lavender in it-Lucky Goat’s honey lavender latte is definitely my favorite.

Secret Talent:

I’m a photographer. At 10 years old, when my grandparents gave me my first camera, it was love at first sight. I’ve been taking photos ever since. My favorite type of photography is nature and landscape.

Fun Fact:

I spent most of my life overseas in Papua New Guinea. My family moved there when I was born and have lived there ever since.

After a Long Day at Work…

After a long day, I look forward to enjoying a family dinner.

Throughout her career, Ruthann has worked with marketing teams of all sizes.

Her ten years’ of marketing experience included designing and improving websites, implementing paid search and display campaigns, and more.

As a digital marketing manager for Fiore Communications, Ruthann helps clients achieve their goals through comprehensive digital strategies. From social media to email marketing, website development and SEO strategies, Ruthann translates analytics into actionable insights for each client.

Ruthann earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations from Pensacola Christian College, where she met her husband. They have three young, energetic boys.

In her free time, Ruthann enjoys spending time with her family and taking her boys to many of the parks in Tallahassee.

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