Episode 1: Kristine Dobosenski

 In How I Got Here with Dave Fiore
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In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Kristine Dobosenski, an international hair stylist and beauty blogger best known for her time with the publication Socially Loved. Her positive attitude and affection for life, however, truly belie the struggles and challenges she has endured. From addiction and damaging relationships, to finding love and peace with herself, Kristine’s story is sure to encourage anyone tempted to think it can never get better. You can follow Kristine on Instagram.

Please note that this episode contains brief but frank discussion about drug use and its consequences.

Episode Highlight

It was not always sunshine and rainbows in our relationship, but I didn’t have much of a backbone. I didn’t have much of an understanding that I was capable. I was so far from my family and because of our lifestyle. He made a lot of money and I didn’t really cause as a hairdresser you have to start over. I kind of really depended on him financially. He would want to live really lavish but I would have to pay half which was a lot harder on me because marginally I was broke.

And so there was just a lot of power that I did not have in our relationship and the way that I am living was not conducive to my morals. I think that the margin of not living in line with your morals whether its laziness, lethargy, procrastination, addiction, you know whatever, I think that margin is where depression happens and anxiety. And I think that that is really where I lived at that time.

— Kristine Dobosenski

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