robin doyle



Robin is currently studying english at Florida State University with a concentration in editing, writing and media. She will be graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree in December of 2022 and plans to pursue a career in editorial content writing for businesses. In the past, she has worked with the Tallahassee Fire Department as a social media intern, where she created and posted graphics to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in the year 2020. She has a passion for combining written text with digital designs to create compelling visual content.

Robin’s favorite classes at Florida State University include rhetorical theory and practice, visual rhetoric, and writing and editing in print and online, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to practically apply her coursework to a professional setting while interning at Fiore Communications.

In her spare time, Robin enjoys making (and drinking) lattes at Redeye Coffee, studying with friends, and exploring Tallahassee’s local parks and caf├ęs.