marjorie schoelles


Marjorie Schoelles


Three Word Introduction:

Creative extroverted introvert

Alter Ego:

My paintings and multimedia work is all over the world, latest painting hanging in Brisbane, AU.

Favorite TV Show:

I stopped watching TV in 2002, but missed West Wing.

When Not in the Office:

Hanging out with the hubby and cats, planning our next trip to see family or tackling a home improvement project. Yes, the cats travel with us.

Scared of:

Heights and spiders. Sorry Dave, I’ll not be much help with that lost spider you mentioned.

Marjorie’s first job was customer service, greeting people as they entered the family retail store. “Welcome to Chris’ Gift Shop! We have imports from around the world.” People inevitably looked for the person greeting them, having difficulty finding her 5-year-old vertically challenged self behind the tall counters. Marjorie learned her first big marketing lesson – BE VISIBLE. She asked for a step stool on her birthday.

After design school in Denver, Marjorie joined Gannett and USAToday in Ft. Collins, learning the intricacies of publishing and sales. Nine moves, 11 job titles and multiple lessons later, Marjorie and her family decided to move back to her home state of Florida. Still with Gannett, she landed at the Tallahassee Democrat in a newly created role that spanned multiple departments. Managing the magazines, special projects and marketing, she was the only person to have desks in both advertising and editorial.

After Gannett, Marjorie focused on digital and content marketing-based opportunities. As the vice president of sales and marketing at Homes & Land Corporate offices, Marjorie created new revenue streams and additional franchise support systems. Her additional certifications in e-commerce, content marketing, and client acquisition were key to increasing the potential client base in franchise areas.

When Marjorie launched her consulting firm she leaned heavily upon the one constant that had seen her through her entire career – IMAGINATION. The “what if” way of looking at obstacles and opportunities. It led from being an interim executive for a company in transition to standardizing procedures for a 100-year-old organization experiencing rapid growth challenges.

In her role as accounts manager at Fiore Communications, Marjorie makes use of the skills she learned across her varied (sometimes harried) publications and sales career. Writing, designing, product launches and publications – she is excited to bring her best to the table, tablet and team. Her focus is client success, whatever form or function it takes to ensure Fiore Communications clients reach their goals and realize their business dreams!

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