dana liberto


Dana Liberto


Favorite TV Show:

Freaks and Geeks. I also love binging sitcoms, with some of my favorites being Community and The Middle.

Favorite Musician:

My favorite band is Lunar Vacation, who I’ve seen perform live five times. Hopefully they aren’t sick of seeing me in the front row.

Fun Fact:

Recently I’ve been collecting Scene It? DVD games. Whenever I find one at a thrift store I have to buy it to add to my collection.

Secret Talent:

Learning new musical instruments! Before coming to FSU I played violin, saxophone, and oboe. Nowadays, I do my best to keep up with my oboe chops on my own time.

It was never a question what Dana wanted to aspire towards for a career. Ever since winning an award for a poem she wrote in 2nd grade, she would tell you it was her dream to be a writer. As she has grown older, she’s begun to learn new ways she can incorporate writing into her professional pursuits.

Currently a senior at Florida State University, Dana is working towards double degrees in both English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and Advertising. In addition to her majors, she is minoring in both Film Studies and Psychology. Aside from her classes, she’s sure to involve herself in various extracurriculars including Kudzu Review, HerCampus, and Seoula System.

In her free time, Dana is always looking for the new video game, tv show, or movie to become obsessed with and discuss.