Digital Content Specialist


We are looking for a digital content specialist to join our growing team. The ideal candidate would have five to seven years of broad experience in content development and marketing and be interested in further developing their digital marketing skills.

This position also requires a skilled and experienced writer who will be contributing content for blog posts, social media, publications and email newsletters.

As a smaller agency we depend on each team member to provide specific expertise with a broad enough knowledge and understanding of marketing communications to contribute when needed. We enjoy working together to accomplish both client and company goals.

Preferred Skills

A qualified candidate would have experience in the following areas:

Content Development

  • Create content in a variety of formats, including social media posts, email campaigns, ad copy, blogs and reports
  • Write and edit website content to improve search engine ranking
  • Proof and edit digital and print content
  • Develop creative campaign ideas for social media and digital advertising

Account Management

  • Manage multiple projects, clients and budgets
  • Be a dependable and trustworthy advocate for our clients
  • Establish strong relationships with clients, understanding their industry, needs and goals
  • Collaborate with our team to provide creative solutions to problems
  • Work with our graphic designer to create digital marketing materials and advertisements.

A candidate would also have exposure to and interest in the following areas:

Digital Marketing and Reporting

  • Create and manage digital advertising through Google and Facebook ad platforms
  • Website updates including publishing new content and updating as needed
  • Analyze and optimize digital advertising performance
  • Create dashboards and client reports
  • Provide insight and pivot strategies based on data and performance

Technology/Software Experience
(Preferred, but Not Required)

  • Meta Business Suite and Ads Manager
  • Google My Business, Analytics, Ads and Tag Manager
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Analytics & Reporting Software (DashThis)

How to Apply

If you are interested in learning more about this position, send a resume and work samples (writing samples, social media, campaigns, etc.) to [email protected].