miesha barrington



Miesha Barrington is a proud Tallahassee native and senior Strategic Communications student minoring in Marketing at Tallahassee Flagler College. Her love for serving others and determination to discover and embrace her path of least resistance, but greatest joy, led her to discover her true calling, servant leadership by way of motherhood and healthcare.

Miesha has treasured the opportunity to serve her community for the past 12 years as a Registered Dental Hygienist, where she developed her natural gift for leadership by offering compelling and pioneering patient and team guidance, comprehensive patient care, palpable patient education, and ultimately aided in improving the overall quality of life for her patients.

As a wife and mother of four courageous children, Miesha has gained more wisdom, knowledge, and life experience than any other position or career thus far. Miesha is eager to continue her new journey as an intern at Fiore Communications by meeting new people, foraging valuable relationships, and serving her community in a new and exciting way.