jeffery seay


Jeffrey Seay


Favorite Movies:

“The Towering Inferno” and “Airport ’77.” All-star casts fighting for survival!

Drinks His Coffee:

Early and often. I like the trendy places as much as anyone, but McDonald’s has the best.

Favorite Workday Lunch:

Tacos at El Cocinero.

Pet Peeve:

Seeing a faded or frayed American flag flying on a flagpole. Hint: They sell new ones at home improvement stores.

Must-Have Desk Accessories:

Post-it Notes and reading glasses. My strength is +1.25.

As he prepared to enter Florida State University in 1989 as a junior, Jeffery Seay decided to major in English.

While he likes to joke that majoring in his native language was the safe choice, it did provide him with the educational foundation for a career as a writer and editor in media relations, publications and alumni relations.

Over 26 years with FSU, Jeffery wrote hundreds of news releases and stories and had the opportunity to serve as editor-in-chief of three publications: the internal newsletter for faculty and staff (’97-’15); the flagship publication, Florida State Times (’03-’10); and the FSU Alumni Association’s flagship publication, VIRES magazine (’16-’18).

During his years as chief of the Florida State Times, Jeffery had the chance to give freelance writing assignments to a slightly younger Dave Fiore. In 2019, as Jeffery began looking for new professional challenges, Dave hired him as an editor. Since starting work for Fiore Communications, Jeffery has been blogging, writing, and managing publications for clients.