emily leto




Three-Word Introduction:

Friends, waffles and work

Secret Talent:

My secret talent is actually a really cool one! It’s… wait, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

Go-To Dance Move:

I’m a really bad dancer. Like Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine level bad. But, I did musical theatre for all of my life, so I can show you a mean jazz square. #proudtheatrekid

An avid reader since childhood, Emily’s love of stories runs deep. As she delighted in adventures through Camp Half-Blood, Hogwarts and Wonderland, she discovered writing and the art of storytelling fulfilled her life in ways that nothing else could.

In the spring of 2022, Emily graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media communication studies from Florida State University. With a desire to build relationships through shared stories, she worked in legislative affairs as the reading clerk for the Florida House of Representatives.

Emily is also passionate about community service. She is known by her camp name “Dot” while working as a camp counselor with Kesem, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children affected by a caregiver’s cancer.

Outside of work, you can find Emily visiting the local cat café, rewatching Parks and Recreation for the millionth time, or singing her favorite camp song, “Hey Burrito!”

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