domonique davis


Domonique Davis


Favorite Celebrity:

Chrissy Teigen is my best friend in my head. I’d love to spend a day with her making dishes from her cookbook, singing our favorite John Legend hits and telling stories about our dogs.

Must-Have Desk Accessory:

A pair of slippers I keep tucked under my desk. You think better when you’re comfy and can wiggle your toes.

Random Quirk:

I have a strong aversion to all orange candy, even orange M&Ms. I know there’s no difference taste-wise, but it’s just a mental thing.

Favorite Movie:

I’ve seen all of the Harry Potter movies at least 50 times. I never pass up the chance to take a quiz and be sorted into a house (I KNOW I’d be in Ravenclaw, by the way).

When Not in the Office…

Cuddling in bed with my dogs.

Domonique Davis has always loved entertaining others with her stories. Growing up, even her Christmas lists came complete with imaginative tales highlighting the importance of each item.

Domonique graduated from Florida A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She went on to work in the university’s Office of Communications, where she wrote newsletter and magazine articles for the school’s various publications and told exciting 140-character stories as the social media manager.

As a member of the Fiore Communications team, Domonique’s narrative flair will come in handy when writing and editing content for clients.

In her free time, Domonique enjoys guessing the endings to movies and singing—usually off key—for her dog’s enjoyment.