client profile: tadlock roofing

For more than 35 years, Tadlock Roofing has served Tallahassee-area residents with personal care, competitive prices and a sterling reputation. And as the company began to expand into new markets, the need to communicate its value and culture became more important than ever. Fiore Communications was engaged to develop and assist with marketing initiatives that have helped Tadlock Roofing establish a significant presence in five new markets as well as experience continued growth in its home base.

email marketing

To help Tadlock Roofing stay engaged with past customers and reach out effectively to qualified prospects, we created a series of email campaigns designed for specific purposes and sent to segmented audiences. From high-impact quarterly newsletters to special announcements and automated sales emails, we have helped keep everyone in the Tadlock universe informed and engaged. 

website design

Tadlock Roofing home page

We designed the Tadlock Roofing website to be a portal of roofing information that also allows homeowners easy access to begin the repair or replacement process. In addition to strong calls to action, the site emphasizes the trust earned from over 35 years in business and a consistent commitment to the communities it serves. Fresh content from educational blog posts, Under Every Roof stories and special offers ensures that return visitors and the Google search crawlers have plenty of new material to consume. 

Tadlock Roofing green page
Tadlock Roofing locations page

traffic-driving campaign

Realizing that Tadlock Roofing was serving so many customers with unique and interesting backstories, we created the Under Every Roof, There is a Story campaign to highlight the everyday charm that exists inside these homes. Each story, whether dramatic, funny or familiar, is added to the collection on the website and supported by short videos introducing the homeowners and driving traffic through social media. 

Under Every Roof
Tadlock Facebook post

services provided

website design / management